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How it works

Simple as can be. All you need to do is register your business online, place an Android device (or LoyalBox Station) at your location, download the Business App, define the rewards for your customers (we call these rewards "tokens") and start recruiting new members.

As soon as your members have downloaded the LoyalBlocks App to their mobile device, the system will automatically start recognizing them, punching their mobile punch-card and sending tailored tokens their way. It's that easy. You really don't have to deal with it much after, except to update your choice of tokens. And through other LoyalBlocks businesses and social media platforms like Facebook, your business will be featured instantly – letting numerous people know about you and your location and significantly expanding your outreach.

  • 1. Your store
  • 2. Your business app
  • 3. Tokens, PunchCards & In-store Messaging
  • 4. Your Customers
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loyalty is automatic.
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