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Send customers reminders
based on their location

Let beacon technology engage customers for you.

Engage customers with zero clicks

Beacon & proximity marketing reaches customers for you. Whether it’s through a beacon device or geo-targeted push notifications, you can digitally engage customers near your business. It’s a hands-free experience, because we know how busy you are.

Greet your customers with the flok beacon

The flok beacon is a small, wireless device that welcomes customers with a personal message and call to action, right as they walk in your door. We’ll send you your own beacon as soon as you launch. Simply place it near your storefront and let the engagement begin.
Beacon marketing greets customers as they walk in your business.

Automate your customer check-ins

Beacon technology checks in all your customers for you. It lets you know when customers arrive at your store, reminds them that they’re part of a club, and makes it easy for you send custom messages to them while they’re there.

Easily edit your beacon messages

Change your beacon messages at any time to reflect your business needs. Need to get rid of winter inventory? Adjust your beacon’s text to promote a last minute sale. Simply visit your flok dashboard, click “The Beacon” tab and enter any note you like.
Flok makes it easy to edit your beacon messages.

Influence your customer’s purchase decision

While most tools engage customers after a sale, the beacon engages customers right at their decision moment. By creating a relevant, real-time message (e.g. Try today’s special chocolate pie!) you can influence the choice of your customer’s purchase while fulfilling your sales needs.

Automatically send location-based reminders

Share information with customers when they’re in your neighborhood. Promote a new product, sell a new service or advertise a special event, by sending a personal, timely message through the flok app.
Send location-based reminders to customers in your neighborhood.

Drive sales with time-sensitive events

Tailor your message to fit current news, special events or big games (i.e. Super bowl special - get an extra punch!). Time-sensitive sales can create a sense of urgency that drives customers to respond immediately.
Beacon marketing made easy!
Sending customers a friendly hello
The beacon device automatically checks in your customers.

Customers get the message

Any customer who joins your club and turns on BlueTooth and Push Notifications will receive beacon messages.

Display it near your door

Place the beacon device near your door - within 50 feet of it is best.

Keep engagement high

The beacon automatically checks in your customers, providing you with a hands-free marketing device.