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Get discovered on our loyalty
punch card app

Keep customers coming back with a digital punch card.

Keep your customers coming back

Offer digital punch cards that reward customers for their repeat business. Your club members will love using flok’s loyalty punch card app to earn punches. There’s no need to carry a card around - customers get punches right on their phone at checkout.

Instantly create your digital punch card

Getting your punch card up and running is easy. Simply choose the number of punches you require, enter a reward your customers will love, and launch it on flok’s loyalty card app.
flok’s loyalty rewards app makes it easy to create a punch card.

Custom tailored to fit your needs

Every business is unique. That’s why we make sure you have complete control over what you offer your customers. You decide how often you want to reward customers and what they receive as a reward.

Delight customers with rewards

Whether it’s a free cup of coffee or a 50% discount, offering rewards through our punch card app makes customers happy. Anyone can download the rewards card app, join your unique club and start earning punches.
Send rewards through our punch card app.
Digital punch cards make it easy to measure your success.

Measure the power of digital punch cards

Going digital means you’ll always know how many card members you have, how many cards have been completed and what your return on investment is. This makes measuring customer retention quick and easy.

Gain an edge on your competitors

A loyalty punch card helps you stand out from the crowd and makes visiting your business an obvious choice. Customers are more likely to choose the place they can earn rewards from, than the one they can’t.

Feel secure with digital stamp tracking

Every stamp is digitally tracked. This means you’ll never have to worry about stamp fraud that can sometimes occur when using paper cards. Rewards will always be fairly earned and redeemed.
QR codes made easy!
A unique code for your business
Get a unique QR code for your loyalty rewards club.

Do it From Your Phone

Download the flok business app and add punches to customer profiles straight from your phone (or your desktop dashboard) - no QR code required.

Display it at Checkout

Prefer print? No problem! Print your QR code straight from your flok dashboard and conveniently place it at checkout to give punches.

Give Customers a Punch

Simply ask your customer to swipe their punch card then scan the QR code at checkout.