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Make it personal with
push notification marketing

Win customers back with push notifications.

Connect with your customers

Enjoy seamless communication with your customers. Send them targeted messages that pop up on their mobile device. These are great for engaging your customers, winning back clients and promoting your business.

Always get your message across

Push messages reach all customers who have downloaded the flok app and joined your club. Members don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive your notifications - so your messages always get noticed.
Send messages at the right time with automatic push notifications.

Send the right note at the right time

Use our automatic push notifications service to send messages throughout the customer’s life cycle - from the time they join your club (Welcome!) to after they leave (“We miss you! Come get an extra punch).

Reach out to relevant customers

Your notifications will always be relevant to your club members. We automatically segment your users into categories (just joined, in the neighborhood) so your messages will feel more unique and personalized with a real end-value.
Create a loyalty rewards campaign that works for you.

Push messages catered to your needs

Create custom campaign messages that work for you and your business. You can wish someone a happy birthday, or send a special offer to regulars who haven’t visited in awhile. You decide what it says and when it’s sent.

Provide customers with neighborhood perks

Target customers close to your business or at a particular event with a custom local message. The timing and relevance of your message can drastically improve the results of your customer’s return.
Push messages target customers close to your business.
Communicate with customers when they’re not at your business.

Engage with happy customers

Unlike text messages, customers have opted in to your messages so you’ll never be spamming them. They’re getting a message from a company they know and want to hear from. This lets you maintain long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships.
Push notifications made easy
Building relationships for your business
Communicate with customers when they’re not at your business.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are personal mobile messages, branded for your business and targeted based on customer activity.

Reach customers anytime, anywhere

Mobile push notifications are the ultimate way to communicate with your customers, even when they're not at your business.

Get on their home screen

Customers will get your push notifications right on their phone’s home-screen, even if their phone is asleep! That’s prime mobile real estate.